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Hello list,

I’m hoping that you could read through this mail and give me some tips on how to improve my setup (functionality, security, really anything). It’s my first Asterisk installation and meant for simple home use.

I installed Asterisk 11 on an OpenWrt Barrier Breaker router. Currently it’s configured for Ekiga so I can test. In a few weeks I’ll change to a Telco SIP provider for a PSTN connect.

My Ekiga test calls are successful. So it does seem to work 🙂

The router is configured like this:

– has a user ‘asteriskpbx’ so Asterisk doesn’t run as root
– has a USB stick for logs and CDRs
– has a LAN port which I removed from the regular LAN VLAN and put into
its own VLAN; only the hardware SIP phone is connected; there’s no
forwarding to and from this network
– firewall allows SIP and RTP packets from the outside, but only from

The main config file:

astdbdir => /mnt/usb/asterisk/dbdir astlogdir => /mnt/usb/asterisk/logdir

systemname = runuser = asteriskpbx
rungroup = asteriskpbx
defaultlanguage = de
documentation_language = en_US
live_dangerously = no


Here’s the SIP setup:

context=unauthenticated allowguest=no srvlookup=no udpbindaddr=
tcpenable=no localnet2.16.28.0/24
alwaysauthreject=yes language