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I am running default Asterisk 11.16.0 on a FreeBSD-Machine. I need to register to several other SIP-Services (actually 3):

short sip.conf

register => XX@a register => XX@b register => XX@c

If I remember correctly this worked quite well, but I now checked the system again and it is only obeying the first register statement.
“sip show registry” only reports the first entry and if I reorder them, this effect stays the same.

Did something changed recently in the parsing code for sip.conf or so?

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  • Dennis Guse wrote:

    Nope, and I’d expect we’d be seeing many bug reports if something like this was occurring.

    I just did this in my general section in 11:
    register => meh@tacos register => hola@bob register => yolo@dave

    And confirmed they appeared as expected:
    Host dnsmgr Username Refresh State Reg.Time dave:5060 N yolo 120
    Request Sent bob:5060 N hola 120
    Request Sent tacos:5060 N meh 120
    Request Sent

    Does anything show up on the console when chan_sip is loaded?

  • Hey guys,

    thanks for your effort. I just replicated the typical problem: the problem sits in front of the monitor.
    (And I am so glad that my systems are not in production).

    The issue was that “register =>” is *only* allowed in the [general]-section. But since I like a precise and clean configuration I put it like this:

    register => SIP1

    register => SIP2

    And then the second register is ignored as it is not in [general]. However, no error messages are thrown…

    Best regards and a happy weekend!