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Hello List, I need your advise please. I am trying to establish a call from Asterisk 1.8.15-cert5 to one remote SIP
UA (not Asterisk), both are behind NAT. That remote peer is configured with nat=yes in my sip.conf but yet RTP packets are being sent to its internal IP
address which is declared in the Connection Information (c) in the SDP, obviously reaching nowhere. I need RTP to be sent to the public IP address as it is seen on the packet header. Signalling is flowing correctly with no issues. Could you please advise why is this happening and how to correct this?
Here is the [peer] in my sip.conf and the SDP in the setup (INVITE + OK). I’ll be happy to provide any other information if needed:
type=peer host= ; same as permit defaultip= ; same as permit qualify=no nat=yes disallow=all allow=alaw context