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Asterisk 13.2, PJSIP.

Problem: I do not get any AMI events when changing the status of the contact.

When using chan_sip I got “peerstatus” event. When using res_pjsip and devices (endpoint configuration) I got
“peerstatus” event. When using res_pjsip.so and OUTBOUND REGISTRATION WITH OUTBOUND
AUTHENTICATION i got “registry” event.

When using “ENDPOINT CONFIGURED AS A TRUNK, OUTBOUND AUTHENTICATION” and status on contact changed I do not get any AMI event. I missed something?
Tell me how to determine the change in the status of the contact (or endpoint/trunk) through AMI?

Simple config:
type=auth auth_type=userpass username=login password=secret

type=aor contact=sip:sip.example.com:5060

type=endpoint from_domain=example.com aors=srv_dev outbound_auth=srv_dev rewrite_contact=yes allow=!all,alaw

Dmitriy Serov

2 thoughts on - PJSIP Some AMI Events Is Absent?

  • Hi,

    I made some tests with asterisk-13.2.0 and chan_pjsip this weekend myself, and came to the same conclusion: some peerstatus events are missing (eg. when contacts become unreachable / unavailable, IIRC), and I could not find a way to get contacts status through AMI.

    It looks a bit similar to issues 23172, 23173: PJSip missing functionalities.