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I plan to host Asterisk instances on AWS/EC2 servers. Requirement is to run asterisk instance with transcoding (g.729 + g.711) and full recording. Number of concurrent calls expected are 500+. 2 instances will be configured for 100% redundancy. Heart beat will be used to determine active instance. How should I choose EC2 instance?
How many vCPU, RAM should be selected? I am assuming that server with ssd is required as all 500+ calls needs to be recorded.

Regards, Amit Patkar

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  • Why use Amazon? With that kind of load I would want dedicated servers.
    Call Rackspace or Softlayer.


  • Hi Jeff

    Are you aware of any challenges of hosting it on AWS? It will help me to work out alternate plan. Is there any recommendation? Should I split it to multiple instances and balance traffic across multiple small server instances? I can use Kamailio to balance traffic.

    I see many posts referring to AWS deployment. Please help me to choose AWS server instance.

    *Thanks & Regards,*
    Amit Patkar

  • Amazon instances are shared resources. I wouldn’t want to count on timing or disk throughput, and you can’t just ask them to do “ssd” – its a virtual machine! 500 simultaneous recordings is a hefty load, and I
    would want to know that the underlying hardware is dedicated to the task.

    Sure you see lots of posts about hosting asterisk and/or freeswitch on EC2. I have done it myself and even have some clients doing it now *for proof of concept*. I’ve never heard of anyone using it for the kind of load you are talking about. I’m assuming with such a giant load you are making a decent profit. Buy some hefty hardware and do the architecture properly. You can rent half a rack at lots of high end datacenters for less than $1000/month.


  • Still a shared resource. I don’t see the benefit.

    Even beyond the shared resource bit, with the kind of IO you are likely to be pushing, you will want a decent NAS with lots of spindles and fibre channel to your hosts.