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Hey guys,tried to make tls work with pjsip on asterisk 13.2.0

have compiled pjsip with ssl,

added transport

type=transport cert_file=/pbx/keys/server.crt ca_list_file=/pbx/keys/ca.key priv_key_file=/pbx/keys/server.key protocol=tls bind=

have configured Grandstream GXP1400 to use tis and srtp, server.crt and server.key uploaded to phone

ubuntu*CLI> pjsip show transports Transport: tls tls 0 0

so transport exist, have set endpoint transport to tls,

but for some reason phone getting timeout 408. tried from local network and behind the nat, nothing.

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  • by removed line ca_list_file=/pbx/keys/ca.key ERROR[3301]: pjsip:0 < ?>: ssl0x7fc8e40f8 Error loading CA list file ‘/pbx/keys/ca.key gone.

    But still cannot handle SRTP, phone says 488 error if I set media_encryption=sdes on an endpoint,

    how do I check if srtp actually work on asterisk?