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Hi list , I have a question with account codes, all my outgoing calls are authenticated, but now the boss wants to monitor these calls with the codes.

example: maria has an extension “110”, but peter was in place and use the phone maria , maria then says that she did not make that call to that number of cell.

like to know who made it?, I think the pin code is my friendo , my users have a four-digit pin to authenticate, I’m thinking of using the cdr field userfield

as I can do to read the pin code and write it there?


exten => _9.,1,Authenticate(/var/lib/asterisk/key.txt,am,4)

exten => 9.,n,Set(CDR(userfield)=pin-users)})

exten => _9.,n,Set(__SIP_CODEC=alaw)

exten => _92XXXXXXX,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:1}@gw,40,rRT)

same => n,Busy(3)

same => n,Hangup

any idea?


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  • The authenticate command in your first line will automatically do what you want. The “accountcode” CDR field will have the code you associated with the pin number.

    If you also want the userfield to have this value just copy it from accountcode.

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