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I’m struggling to separate inbound calls fro a SIP provider that does not send DID. I have tried …… on register string different context=from-no-did Port not possible as only support 5060

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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  • Am 17.02.2015 um 23:44 schrieb hbk:

    You’re right, this is always an annoying and confusing scenario. Here’s my sample for sipgate which works for separating inbound and outbound:


    register =>

    type=friend insecure=invite nat=no username=user fromuser=user secret=pass qualify=no canreinvite=no dtmfmode=rfc2833


    exten => sipgate-in,1,NoOp exten => sipgate-in,n,Dial(SIP/priv)

    (This is for incoming calls only)

    And for my SIP hardphone which receives the calls from sipgate and dials out via sipgate:


    type=friend secret=anotherpass host=dynamic nat=no disallow=all allow=ulaw allow=alaw canreinvite=no context=sipgate-priv

    exten => _X.,1,NoOp exten => _X.,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@sipgate-out)

    Good luck, Markus