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we have quite a few Asterisk machines running and try to keep them on a current version of the Asterisk 11 branch. But since we upgraded to 11.14.0
a couple weeks ago, we have to restart the Asterisk process every week because the load gets too high and our monitoring complains.

Those machines are doing only SIP-to-SIP call relay, the dialplan is quite complex, transcoding is done only on a few percent of the calls processed. During the daytime, there are at max around 200 SIP channels (100 calls)
running at the same time. After one week, one machine has processed about
170k calls.

I have uploaded a comparison of cacti load graphs for one week of a machine running with 11.14.0 and one running with 11.6.0:

As you can see, after a restart, both machines have about the same load. But after the really quiet weekend, the 11.14 Asterisk starts the new week with a much higer load than the 11.6 Asterisk, where it stays constant. We’ve had an 11.5.1 machine running for about half a year without the need of restarting, but right now, this is not possible.

Has anyone seen this before? Or does anyone know a reason, what change somewhere between 11.6 and 11.14 could cause this behaviour? It looks like we have to go back to 11.6.

Best Regards, Sebastian

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  • We see it in the certified version which is currently 11.6. We have about 50% higher call volume on our servers than yourselves and it does take about 3-4 months for the load to reach about 5. I don’t know what causes it but we take the servers out of our load balancing and restart asterisk every few months and this returns the load to normal.

  • Just for reference in 11.6 we don’t see any memory usage increase but we do see system (as opposed to user) cpu increase from 27% to 84% as the load increases from 1% to around 4%.

    Would be interesting to see if the original posters experience is the same but more accelerated on their system.

  • Hi,

    Yes, the memory usage does rise a bit.

    root 26047 8.9 5.0 1302036 407640 ? Sl Jan28 1201:26 asterisk
    root 36336 9.9 1.1 881684 90360 ? Sl Jan28 1328:19 asterisk

    Interestingly, the CPU graphs show no visible increase.

    If you need any more information, just let me know.

    Gareth, the slow increase of load over months was there with 11.5 or 11.6
    already, but I can live with a restart every couple month. Once every week is too much. Here is another overview of the load of one machine: You can see, the Asterisk was running from April to September without much change in load, then was restarted. In November, we updated to 11.14, and from that time, it looks a bit different (and Asterisk needed a lot more restarts).

    Best Regards, Sebastian