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I’m trying to find more information about this Remote Attended Transfers, as is explained in for Asterisk 12 using pjsip stack

Was Remote Attended Transfer implemented in previous versions of Asterisk
(versions without PJSIP, Asterisk 11 and previous)?

Where can I find configuration examples to do it work with the last version of Asterisk (Asterisk 13)?

I have try the following configuration without success:
2 phones and Asterisk 13 are registered in an OpenSIPS
Phone1 calls Phone2
Phone1 calls Asterisk 13
Phone1 transfers call in Asterisk 13 to Phone 2
But the transfer fails with an “NOTIFY 400 Bad Request”. In Asterisk log I
don’t see any reference to “external_replaces” extension when the REFER


type=transport protocol=udp bind=

type=registration transport=simpletrans outbound_auth=mytrunk server_uri=sip:111@

type=auth auth_type=userpass password1

type=aor contact=sip:

type=endpoint transport=simpletrans context=bucle-weasels disallow=all allow=ulaw outbound_auth=mytrunk aors=mytrunk

type=identify endpoint=mytrunk match