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Hello Everyone,

I am required to write a java program that will get our asterisk to:

* Query the database for phone numbers
* Loop through numbers and dial
* Play message
* Get dial pressed response
– If 1 = Yes
– If 2 = No
– If 3 = Connect to Agent
* AMD Capable
* Disposition

I am proficient with Java and found the Asterisk-Java API. My questions are:

* What is the recommended API to use
* Is Asterisk-Java API maintained by digium
* Am I overlooking anything?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Nick from Toronto.

2 thoughts on - Asterisk Java API – Up To Date

  • There’s many ways to accomplish this, many have been discussed on this mailing list.

    You are going to use the AMI to originate calls into asterisk. No, Asterisk-Java is not maintained my Digium. As for overlooking, likely, but you should be able to see anything you missed in your testing phase.

    You should be able to google Asterisk dialers to see some example that people have done.

  • Hello Paul,

    Thank you for your response.

    Looking into AGI vs AMI it seems that coding functionality such as playing a file using AMI is not as trivial as AGI. Correct me if i’m wrong however, is managing the channel easier in AGI than is AMI?

    As for examples a lot of them use AGI probably because of it’s ease of use, and not necessarily correctness. Is there a java example that uses AMI that simply calls a number and plays a file?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.