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such as Nagios is create a service that checks the size of the binary every can also take the perf data and graph it using one of the many Nagios graphing tools available. You can even use something like Munin for a task like this. I couldn’t get along without >this. On some PBX‘s I have, I
monitor over 600 different metrics spread out every 1,5,10,15,30, and 60
minutes. Because they’re spread out, the load average from these checks is zero. Just a suggestion.

Hi John

Thanks for the suggestions I’ll keep them in mind.

Just to confirm back to the list, the chattr +i and turning off prelinking seems to have solved the issue with the executable file being corrupted /
touched. Been running fine for a week now.

We have a very simple monitoring app running which we wrote ourselves which monitors some metrics on the Asteisk, but nothing near as comprehensive as you apparently use…

Anyway, thanks for the reply!

Kind regards