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SIP.    G729 codec is needed on 3G and is a good idea on 4G.   I use TLS
and SRTP to work around carrier stupidity.  I also use a non-standard port for TLS.   It mostly works much of the time.   Don’t get BRIA, every time your registration is dropped it will popup a notification. users-bounces lists.digium.com] On Behalf Of Tech DudeSent: Friday, July 18, 2014 1:00 PMTo: asterisk-users lists.digium.comSubject:
[asterisk-users] VoIP over 3G/4G Data
3G/4G data connection. Assume we are talking about using Polycom phones, and the 3G/4G data connection comes from a Cradlepoint router that is plugged in with AC power and has high gain antennas. The device will be stationary, so we will not have to worry about tower handoff’s breaking the connection. This will be for fixed wireless. firewalls. Besides that, what other settings are recommended?  Changes in MTU? Changes in voice payload ms? Is there a better codec to use?
Header compression? 

I have been looking into running my asterisk server on 4g but the ping times i’m getting hover around 90-120 ms (mostly). How many concurrent calls can I expect to be able to handle as this will only be temporary until I get my fiber line installed at the building?