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(please excuse me for lack of proper jargon usage and the vagueness of description…)

i use Asterisk 11.12.1, (well… as included in FreePBX),
. The softphones are mostly on machines without proper sound hardware (no mics, no speakers/headsets); This is partly because the workforce is quite conservative in what they want to use 🙂 meaning handsets are important;

As the handsets have no LCD’s to show the dialled number, I want to give the workforce the ability to dial OUT using the softphone, (as in, copy/paste the number from the CRM software into softphone then
*immediately* transfer the originated call ‘endpoint’ to the handset of the same ‘user’ extension, somehow, the question is, HOW ?

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  • This is probably right 😉 in both parts

    Well I did the other way round – I created an app in FreePascal under Windows, entered into onIncomingCall option of MicroSip [btw wrongly described as CSipSimple before]
    that allows user to copy the number to clipboard and then paste it to the search function of the CRM (web-based – eGropware). Exactly /because/ my phones have no LCD’s … 🙂

    Yeah, Going To check this ‘originate’ thingy definitively (Ryan Wagoner also suggested this)

    Definitively, going to check this out. Time allowing, probably somewhere in January 😉

    Alternatively if the MicroSIP softphone could do that ‘originate’ 🙂
    (Advantage: one app less to run in the background)

    Thanks, appreciated 🙂

    Kind Regards Lukasz