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It has been may years since I’ve done anything with a dahdi fxo; much has changed in the interim and I havne’t found answers googling.

The fxo hw is installed on the pots line in parallel to existing pots phones.

My goal is to have a blf on the sip phone which lights whenever any of the devices on the pots line are off hook and which, when pressed, INVITEs the asterisk box such that it takes the fxo off hook and joins the existing conversation. Or just passes the dialtone over the rtp if eerything was on hook when the blf was hit.

Clearly Hint is part of the solution, but my attempts so far have failed.

At the moment I’m on 12.7, but still using chan_sip. Converting the chan_pjsip will be the next project for this box.

What is the proper way to set this up?