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Can we expect a SILK codec for 13 ? Or does the one for 12 work for 13?


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  • codec_silk for Asterisk 12 will most likely not work in Asterisk 13. A
    number of performance improvements in the media handling in Asterisk required some codec compatibility changes.

    I would expect said modules to be available in the next few weeks.

  • ​I just checked at, and of the “Add-On Voice Codecs”, g.729 is the only one available for Asterisk 13.

    The Siren 7/14 and SILK codecs offer only 12.X selections, and I proved today that the 12.x codecs will not load on Asterisk 13.

    a “few weeks” has turned into almost half a year now. Are these codecs no longer going to be available for 13 and up? Or, were they just overlooked in the day-to-day rush called life?


  • Yup, it’s definitely taken a lot longer to get to this than I thought. It is, however, still in the queue.

    If you’re curious about my thought process on this, it’s pretty simple:
    1) These codecs – while cool and useful – are not nearly as widely used as say, codec_g729.
    2) They require an upgrade to the new media improvements that were made in 13, plus testing, etc. – which isn’t hard but does take time.
    3) And frankly, I’m putting Digium developer’s time on improving open source Asterisk, which means fixing more critical bugs. When there aren’t as many critical bugs, we can allocate someone’s time to doing the upgrade on those codecs.

    If you’d like to make that picture change faster, you can always pitch in on the issue tracker.