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Hey everyone!

Way back in the murky days of 2010, the Asterisk project released the first version of Asterisk 1.8. This was the first release following a new policy of alternating Long Term Support (LTS) releases and Standard releases. As the first LTS release, Asterisk 1.8 was quite the milestone — as a project, we officially committed ourselves to its maintenance for four years!

Since its release, Asterisk 1.8 has been immensely successful. With a lot of hard effort by the Asterisk community, it quickly matured into a stable platform. That success can be seen in the subsequent releases of Asterisk, which built heavily on the Asterisk 1.8 architecture. Asterisk 10 (Standard release) took some evolutionary leaps with a new media architecture and better conferencing capabilities, while Asterisk 11 (LTS releases) provided many useful end-user features