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We have a plain vanilla installation of AsteriskNOW using Digium D40/50 phones. All transfers are failing from any source to any extension with the message “that is not a valid extension“. Does anyone have any ideas about where to begin looking for the source of that error?

Phil Ledon

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  • ​The file /var/log/asterisk/full will contain helpful log messages that show how Asterisk is internally handling the call. It may be necessary to increase the verbosity of the log to get more details however.

    From the linux command line, you can follow these steps to get a copy of the relevant messages:

    # asterisk -rx “core set verbose 5”

    # cat /var/log/asterisk/full > mylogfile

    (perform a transfer that fails with the message now, then press CTRL-C to cancel the above command)

    The mylogfile will have the log entries necessary to understand what happened, although it may also require an understanding of the FreePBX
    dialplan to interpret it. If you can post your log file (recommend using a pastebin rather than emailing the whole thing) it should be ​fairly easy to spot the problem and advise you how to fix it.