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From the reading and testing I have done it doesn’t look like SIP supports a username and password in the Dial string. I currently have the following mapping.

priv => dundi-extens,0,SIP, dundi:pass@${NUMBER},nounsolicited,nocomunsolicit,nopartial

On the sending side I see

NOTICE[31598] chan_sip.c: Conflicting extension values given. Using ‘dundi’
and not ‘1001’

On the receiving side it will not match the SIP dundi user and tries to call dundi instead of 1001.

— Executing [dundi@from-sip-external:1] NoOp(“SIP/”,
“Received incoming SIP connection from unknown peer to dundi”) in new stack

Is there a way to configure DUNDi to use SIP or does it only work with IAX?

Thanks, Ryan

3 thoughts on - DUNDi With SIP Mapping

  • IAX?

    I am using DUNDi with SIP to do some least cost routing amongst my various locations. My mapping is close to what you have:

    priv => dundi-extens,0,SIP,/

    Where is replaced with the actual name of my trunk as defined in sip.conf and is the number they should dial on that trunk. I have not tried to define the SIP username/password in the DUNDi config itself, so I don’t know if what you are trying to do is possible or not.

  • I was trying to avoid having to define the SIP trunks on all systems. I
    currently have three FreePBX systems connected by SIP trunks with 800 DIDs. Each system has SIP trunks defined to both other systems and routes defining the extensions / DIDs. As I add more DID blocks and FreePBX
    systems maintaining the trunks and routes is going to become cumbersome.

    I wanted to move to DUNDi to simplify the setup. It looks like I need to switch to IAX trunks to be able to do this.

    Thanks, Ryan