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On 11.9, trying to set up a callcentric peer:

sip debug:

asterisk is trying to find a peer based on the _calling number_!

Here’s the callcentric peer based on its support pages:

type=peer context=from-callcentric host

3 thoughts on - How To Configure Callcentric Peer

  • wild guess would be a conflict on host= setting. there might be another entity on your sip.conf which have type=friend and host

  • Thanks for the response, but no:

    # grep -R host * | grep callcentric exts/callcentric.sip.conf:host

  • Because that’s what Asterisk has always done to match an inbound request to a peer.

    Quoting from sip.conf.sample:

    ; When naming devices, make sure you understand how Asterisk matches calls
    ; that come in.
    ; 1. Asterisk checks the SIP From: address username and matches against
    ; names of devices with type=user
    ; The name is the text between square brackets [name]
    ; 2. Asterisk checks the From: address and matches the list of devices
    ; with a type=peer
    ; 3. Asterisk checks the IP address (and port number) that the INVITE
    ; was sent from and matches against any devices with type=peer