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I’ve had years of experience using ODBC for CDR, SIP, and extensions with Asterisk. One thing that has been problematic in the past is with documentation as far as database tables changing between versions (even within minor releases, though that was back in the 1.4 days). I was excited to see there is a plan for better managing that on Asterisk 12 via Alembic. All that being said, are there any plans to implement that with Asterisk 11, since that is the current LTS release? Or are we pretty sure the table structure won’t be changing within that version through the rest of its lifespan, making such an effort a waste?



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  • There are no plans to implement Alembic in Asterisk 11. This is for a few reasons:

    (1) Asterisk 11 is an LTS and is already released. Simply introducing Alembic at this time for it is potentially disruptive. Asterisk 12, as a Standard release, was the appropriate place to introduce such a new feature.

    (2) Schema changes in Asterisk 11 are rare, and would only be done as a result of a critical bug that absolutely required such a change. Schema changes mid-release would be noted in the UPGRADE notes. Asterisk 12, on the other hand, has limited support for new features. Some of these new features – such as new parameters for the PJSIP
    stack – require new database fields. As such, various schemas have changed more frequently in this release; in this situation, Alembic is far more useful.