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Hi, I used asterisk on Debian7 and it was good experience. Now, i’m using osx on mac mini. I’d like to install asterisk 12. I tried to compile it and after lot of searches, I got it. All sip accounts log in. I can call but I haven’t any sounds.
– for IVR,
– for voicemail,
– for out and in calling… Please help me… Thank you in advance….


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    Last time I tried building Asterisk 11 on OS X, the res_timing_kqueue module wasn

  • Does Playback() work within your dialplan?

    Are your sound files actually in place? What do you get for

    $ ls -a /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/

    ? There should be a subfolder named after your language. Is it there? Does it match the language you have selected in asterisk.conf ? Are there any files in it? Can you load them into audacity?

  • Hi, Thank you all for your replies…
    1. No sound for playback() dial plan function… I have this error in my cli :
    execution error for playback I set the path of audio files correctly.
    2. No sound when I call for my GSM to asterisk.
    3. No sound when I call from asterisk to other numbers… Thank you for your help…


  • Did you try Matt’s suggestion?

    I take that means you had the asterisk cli open on one terminal while doing tests. Maybe bump the debugging level up a bit?

  • Hi,
    1. I needn’t queue function…
    2. My files are encoding at 8000HZ 16Bits Mono… And I can hear it on asterisk installed on rasberryPI
    3. I muse asterisk since 4 year ago so I think my configuration is well.

    I think before installing asterisk I forgot something but I don’t know what…

    I’m blind, I use asterisk with app-directory() to make a personal directory, and to make a audio lookcallid anon cement. I’d like build asterisk on osx to use voiceOver voice, are better quality. That’s why…


  • The solution is obvious:

    Install Debian 7.0 on the system and proceed as before 🙂

  • Very cool answer… But, my problems is not resolved… As I said, I want to use asterisk on OsX to get vocal system to make a vocal directory and vocal lookcid with VoiceOver synths…. And I don’t believe there’s a good synths on debian7. I use debian for the moment but I’d like transfert on my mac mini server.