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I have trouble establishing a call between between two SIP phones. One sip phone is, with asterisk server, at home behind a firewall. The second sip phone is an iPhone with 3G wireless connection.

When I call from the SIP device at home the SIP account on the Internet
(iphone + 3G) I can hear voice on both devices. But when I call from the Internet to my home SIP I get the ring but when I answer I don’t hear any thing!

I have asterisk v11 installed at home all the incoming TCP/UDP 5060 and a defined UDP range in rtp.conf forwarded to my Asterisk server.

Do you have any idea when the voice is heard only when the call is from my local network to the Internet and not in the other direction ?

Nevertheless, when both SIP devices are in the same home IP network the call is made without any problem whatever who starts the call.


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  • Hi Neo,

    In the documentation look for this options:

    externip localnet nat

    It helps to understand them because this kind of situation is common with VOIP.