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Hi Guys,

I am able to divert a incoming phone call from asterisk to a sip softphone. Is it possible to redirect a call to a serial port? If so how would I do it? I don’t mind a brief explanation. There is a ppp/dialup server listening on serial port.



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  • These are at completely different levels of the ISO stack…question is making sense to me.

    (What does it mean to divert a call to a serial port). Do you mean route a call over a link that is ppp/dialup and connected to another endpoint on the other side of that link?

    If so you would have to configure your serial port/link to be on demand, allow the OS to bring up the link, making the route available, and then allowing Asterisk to bridge the call to an IP on a subnet on the other side of that link.

    So your focus should perhaps be:
    – Setting up on demand link
    – Configuring Asterisk (if possible) to try the connection to the endpoint long enough for the link to come up.

    Hope I understood right…