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Who can help?
I have Asterisk 1.8.3 server on Ubuntu 10.04. Asterisk periodically falls here with this error:

[1227952.625701] asterisk [30237]: segfault at 18 ip 00007ff3504579bc sp
00007ff34ddc3ff0 error 4 in [7ff3503e0000 +17 a000]

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  • Could it be due to the version ubuntu?
    Tried to put the asterisk 11 with ubuntu 10.04 – the same error occurs intermittently.

    03.04.2014 12:56, Johan Wilfer пишет:

  • Try running a memory test on your machine. segfaults can also be caused by bad RAM. Although you would see other processes than asterisk segfaulting as well. Do you see any other processes segfaulting when you run dmesg?

  • It’s possible that this could be a libc issue. 2.11.1 is a very old version, after all.

    I would suggest upgrading your underlying OS to 12.04 LTS (you can always dist-upgrade straight to any LTS from the preceding LTS release). We are due for another Ubuntu release very soon; and as this is April in an even year, it will be another LTS.

    Note that anything you built yourself from Source Code may require recompilation after the upgrade; the closer it gets to the bare metal, the greater the probability of this.

    Motherboard and RAM problems also can cause segmentation faults; but if you had a hardware problem, this would affect other processes besides Asterisk, and probably not in such a predictable fashion.


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  • Just to say we are using asterisk 11 on top of ubuntu 10.04, and we’re not seeing these segfaults on hundreds of installs.