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Greetings to all. I am not sure of this is a “user” question or a “business” so apologies in advance if it should be asked in the business list.

A client of mine has a UK branch that is served by a provider that uses the Broadsoft solution. I want to create a sip trunk from a remote asterisk pbx to the client.

The provider claims that Broadsoft has a strict “protocol” on what
“devices” can connect on their network and asterisk is not listed

Does anyone know if asterisk (1.8 to be more precise) has passed interoperability tests with Broadsoft ?

There seems to be an old (circa 2008) agreement with Broadsoft and Digium for partnership but neither Digium or asterisk are mentioned in the Broadsoft partners page

I see a device listed in the Partners page of Broadsoft (PIKA’s WARP
Plus) that as far as i know is using asterisk inside

Anyone has any info or experience they would like to share with this ?