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Just checking the transcoding on our Asterisk boxes and I get the following results. I have the g726, ilbc and lpc10 formats and codecs enabled in ‘make menuselect’ so I dont understand why its showing as no translation path. Any ideas?

I am running certified-asterisk-11.2-cert2

Thanks Gareth

> core show translation paths alaw
— Translation paths SRC Codec “alaw” sample rate 8000 –

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  • Are the modules actually loaded?

    Try doing a “module show” and see if the codec modules actually show up as having been loaded. If not check your modules.conf file and see if they’ve been disabled, and check your Asterisk modules directory to confirm that they were actually installed.

  • Yes that was the problem. I posted an update yesterday but it got sent from the wrong account so didnt make it to the list. When I installed the system I had disabled a lot of the modules from load which were not used and the codecs were part of that.