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Hi all,

I have an SPA112 that in sitting behind a Ubee cable modem. The internet link is solid, but the device becomes unreachable within a day or so of being rebooted. Then the customer goes to reboot the device, they report that all 4 lights are lit. The ISP reports that the device does respond to ping, so it’s not completely dead. I’ve had the same symptoms with SPA303’s sitting behind Ubee modems.

So, is there some configuration setting on the SPA that I can set to make this device more stable?


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  • How long is the registration timeout? If the device is behind a router/firewall, then you need to set a registration timeout lower than the state table “life” in the router/firewall. I usually set my devices to just
    2 minutes and it works almost all the time. Most Cisco devices have a very long timeout of 3600 seconds.


    2014-02-06 17:18 GMT+01:00 Mike Diehl :

  • I’ve got the registration period set to 15 minutes. However, I’ve got similar devices all over the place that don’t seem to have this unreliability issue. The way I solved it with the SPA303 that I had in the office was to replace the Ubee modem with a different make/model. That’s not an option in this particular case, though.


  • More then likely, the replacement router/modem had a different timeout and it was a luck of the draw that it worked.

    In routers that allow me to set the UDP timeout, I normally set the timeout to
    90 seconds. Most routers that done offer a setting for this are usually set to 90 or 120 seconds

    Then I usually set my registration time on the ATA’s to 60 seconds.

    The devices I seem to have most issues with are SonicWall routers.


  • Unfortunately, we plug straight into the Ubee and the ISP will not support any other modem.



  • I have seen similar behavior before on the SPA122. I could ping it, open the web page, etc… but it would not register until I rebooted it. Upon closer examination I could see that the SPA122 was only working partially. The voice modules appeared to be dead thus it would not register. You could see this by looking at the stats page and the lines would not show any stats at all or even if they were ON or OFF
    hook. A reboot would fix it for a few days. The solution was to get a new SPA122. My take on this is that it was a hardware issue, not a software one that could be fixed with configuration settings.

    What I hate about these units is that they take more that 1 minute to boot and register. The SPA2102 only took about 15 seconds. That really sucks when you have a customer on the line and are troubleshooting an issue that requires a reboot.

  • Even if they don’t support another modem, you can usually use another router. Just put the Ubee in bridge mode and slap a router behind it. This is our typical best practice install.

    You just can’t trust the piece of shit routers that ISP’s send out these days..


  • Based on what we’re hearing, we’ve decided to replace the SPA112. Thank you for your input.