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Hi all.

Just wanted to let people know about a small project I started over the weekend to help me keep up with news about Asterisk.

Some of the other new sites are either not there anymore or slow to update, so I’ve come up with a different idea for keeping Asterisk news up-to date and in one place. For the moment, I call it Asterisk Times.

OK, so maybe not the best name, but it’s a work in progress.

So what is it? Well, this is an attempt to create a moderated, aggregated news platform for Asterisk. We want developers, 3rd party companies, open source tools, in fact anyone who does anything noteworthy with Asterisk to tell us. And the best way to do it, is by letting us have an RSS feed into your own announcements or news.

With that, we can then review and submit news to the aggregator on your behalf, which then shows up on the homepage of this website.

I hope people see value in this, as I know I do. This isn’t run for profit or commercial reasons, it’s just because I think as a community we deserve a better, more frequently updated news site.

The URL will change (or at least get its own dedicated URL) once the project is off the ground and I can see people getting value from it.

Any suggestions or feedback welcome.


Ben (aka skrusty on irc)