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If I understand correctly, setting


means that Asterisk will make outgoing calls without encryption, but will be happy to accept incoming calls regardless of whether the caller wants encryption or not

If encryption=yes, then Asterisk not only uses encryption for the outgoing calls but it will refuse to accept incoming calls unless they use encryption too

If I have

encryption=no dtlsenable=yes

the DTLS support works but Asterisk will no longer accept incoming calls using regular RTP/AVP. These messages appear in the console and the call is rejected with code 488:

[Jan 28 11:08:42] WARNING[24673][C-00000009]: chan_sip.c:10496
process_sdp: Processed DTLS [FALSE]
[Jan 28 11:08:42] WARNING[24673][C-00000009]: chan_sip.c:10529
process_sdp: We are requesting SRTP for audio, but they responded without it!

I realise not everybody would set encryption=no in this situation, I’m simply trying to make it work for all possible callers to the SIP5060.net test numbers at http://www.sip5060.net/test-calls