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First, let me thank all of you for your input – I was looking for some sort of an API to interface with Asterisk via REST. Python, Ruby or something that we could “webify” using PHP.

Some of you suggested Asterisk 12 – I love the idea, but unfortunately, we have an Asterisk 11 install. It seems, and I could be wrong, that Asterisk
12 is a whole new ‘ball game’ so to speak. The big thing is pjsip – nice idea and I really like it. It looks like a bit of a learning curve and I
don’t want have to re-learn at this point – I will, but not right this second! However, I have questions:

1. Is it necessary to use pjsip for Asterisk 12 as the extension.conf, sip.conf has changed gears a little. Can I backtrack to the previous SIP
stack, which segways into another question:

2. If this is possible (the above scenario) is it still possible to use these new cool features along with the previous SIP stack so that I can implement the API?

Thanks to anyone who can give me insight. I don’t mean to sound lazy, but v12 seems to be so new that the information is not as plentiful as previous versions. I figured there has to be someone that was ‘on the ball’ with this and would be happy to share their knowledge!

Thanks again!


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  • It all depends on what you want to do the with API as well…

    The chan_sip module has not been removed and works perfectly fine in 12. You can even use both, provided you bind each to different ports. Dialplan is also the same as in the past.

    Depends on what you mean by cool new features. The ARI (Asterisk REST
    interface) work is agnostic of channel drivers, it has no specialized logic for any and any present channel driver can be used with it.


  • Oh – no kidding!

    What we want to do is be able to create users, voicemail accounts and some of the basic features. Nothing fancy, I’ll create the dialplan by hand of course.

    So, if I understand, I can use the chan_sip, using the old ways (Asterisk
    11) and the Asterisk 11 CLI commands – that is what I’m familiar with.

    I can use this and still use the new AMI/API features as well as the real time database config?

    I just want to be 100% clear – sometimes I need to hear an explanation a couple of times before it sinks in!


  • The Asterisk REST interface does not currently provide this functionality. It’s not for management, it’s for writing telephony applications (such as a new app_queue or app_voicemail) outside of Asterisk.




  • That’s not an area I work in so I don’t know what others have come up with.

    You can store stuff in a database and have it used as a source for configuration and such, yes.