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which file extensios are supported in mixmonitor application?

can i record to Opus?

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  • “core show file formats” will give you a list of formats your system supports together with the filename extension. Not all may be supported for writing (mp3 being one example I believe).

    > core show file formats Format Name Extensions
    —— —- ——–

  • can someone confirm that mp3 is unsupported? is patch available?

    what about patch for Opus?

    uncle google doesnt know

    Dne 23.1.2014 16:31, Gareth Blades napsal(a):

  • i’m talking about native mp3,opus support in mixmonitor application.

    read the first answer from Gareth Blades

    Dne 24.1.2014 1:39, Patrick Lists napsal(a):

  • MP3 is only supported for reading not writing. Its a patent issue as Asterisk cannot distribute the software to write to mp3 under its own license.

    Its a similar issue with Opus as the codec is covered by a couple of patents in the USA.

    What most people do is use MixMonitor to record to .wav (alaw) and then in the ‘h’ extension call a program which runs a background task to convert the .wav file to whatever format they wish.

    Thats what we do but we actually use the Monitor application and we end up with both legs of the call and multiple sets of recordings if people pause and unpause. We then move these files off to a different server when they get mixed and converted to mp3 and then emailed out to our customers. We do it this way to reduce the load on the Asterisk boxes but also keep all the call recordings in a central location.

  • for the record. info about opus from Lorenzo Mniero (author of Opus patch for asterisk) with his permission