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Okay – maybe I’m just suffering from a moment of horrible ADD – but, I’m a little lost. I see that Asterisk 12 has a nice REST API – very nice – something I can use. However, and this is gonna sound dumb – but all the CLI commands are different now. What did I miss?

Can anyone, please, anyone point me to a good, simple to understand tutorial on the new CLI? I am so, so freaking lost! I’m not looking for hand-holding, I just want to understand.

Something that will show me how to:

– create users
– configure SIP trunks
– configure basic dialplan

I’m lost – anyone point me to a resource that is easy to follow? Once I get the jist, I think I’ll be fine.

I looked on – maybe I missed it?
The Digium/Asterisk site – I see all sorts of cool things about the REST
API, but CLI – maybe I missed it!!?? – again, I could be looking in the wrong place?

Overwhelming – sigh.

Thank much – any help would be appreciated – next time you are in Manchester NH – I’ll make you my fave Tequila Sour drink!


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