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When I issue a ‘core show channels’ command I notice that long usernames (and channel number) are truncated. For example, if the username is FONEMITEL1234567890 for a trunk, then it will show

Privilege: Command Channel Location State Application(Data)”
IAX2/FONEMITEL123456 1296197222@entryhome Ringing AppDial((Outgoing Line))
SIP/200-093e4998 s@macro-dialexternal Ring Dial(IAX2/FONEMITEL1234567890/
2 active channels
1 active call How can I get the full username of all active channels? (I realize I can use the AMI but trying to avoid that)

Note that the above output is generated on an Ast 1.4 system

2 thoughts on - Core Show Channels Truncates Channel Names?

  • Use “core show channels concise”. It was intended for script querying of the channels. However, you really should AMI actions where possible as they are not likely to change from version to version where CLI commands can and do change.


  • Thanks that’s perfect!

    I would use the AMI but I have to run against Asterisk 1.4 and the ami command ‘coreshowchannels’ didn’t appear until Asterisk 1.6