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Hello, I have an asterisk box with a peer configured with nat=force_rport,comedia, but asterisk keeps sending the audio to the private IP address and ignoring the client peer nat settings.

If I check the “sip show peer extension”, I see both symmetric RTP and Force Rport are set to yes, but asterisk seems ignoring them.

Force rport : Yes
Symmetric RTP: Yes

Asterisk is behind a nat the the externip and localnet has been configured. The local net on the asterisk network is different from the local net on phone.

What else could I check?


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  • Why don’t you try with nat=yes. It should be equivalent to what you have but who knows. It might just work.

  • Yes, thank you. Maybe I have found the problem. The asterisk server is behind a nat and the RTP port range was not redirected to the asterisk box, so the Symmetric RTP cannot work because the asterisk is not receiving any RTP packet from the remote phone.


    2014/1/16 Ishfaq Malik

  • nat=yes is deprecated starting with Asterisk v11 as documented in the CHANGES file. Asterisk v11 also adds the comma separated list of nat options
    (nat=force_rport,comedia). Earlier versions do not support comma separated nat settings.

    The OP did not specify the Asterisk version and may be using a syntax inappropriate to the Asterisk version.