From: “Unavailable” ; Tag=as120a1079.

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Hello Everyone,

Calls that are private name private number have the following TO header:

From: “Unavailable” ;tag=as120a1079.

Don’t tell anyone, but we are trying to put on a “We’re big enough to own the pricey softswitch” look. Even though I would pick a OpenSIPS +
Asterisk combo over a Metaswitch any day. Three words “Service Licence Agreement”.

Anyhow long story short, is there any way to change the “asterisk” part only for the calls that are private? Everything else can stay the same..

Kind Regards,


4 thoughts on - From: “Unavailable” ; Tag=as120a1079.

  • Hello Laszlo,

    That you for your response. Just to confirm callerid=whatever will only effect the private numbers? And will not have any effect on FROM headers with valid CIDs, as is intended?


  • “*callerid* = : Caller ID information used when nothing else is available. Defaults to *asterisk*.”
    This is the explanation 🙂

    2014/1/14 Nick Cameo