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Hi All,

Thanks for all of the help I’ve been given in the past and info I’ve picked up from this list over the years.

I have an “official” Asterisk appliance (the AA50) running my PBX at home (we previously also had an AA50 in a satellite office-that one was recently retired and replaced with Asterisk running on commodity server hardware).

Anyway – the AA50 software/Asterisk version is beyond outdated at this point, and the GUI has done nothing but infuriate me. Has anyone – or does anyone know if it’s possible to – replace the “commercial” Linux/Asterisk running on the AA50 with another Linux flavor (say Ubuntu) and current open source Asterisk (ideally 11.something with Gareth’s Cisco patch).

I don’t need – or want – a pretty GUI… just something I can SSH into and perhaps manhandle config files with Nano or something similar – worst case, something I can FTP/TFTP configuration files to.

If that isn’t feasible, anything low power/low profile/low cost that’s particularly popular these days [bonus points if it’s wall mountable/about the same size as the AA50]? My demands really aren’t that severe — one FXO, two FXS, a SIP “trunk” to the office (via hardware VPN), and maybe a half dozen Cisco 79xx phones.

If it’s not already apparent, I’m a relative Linux newb, but I’m farly well versed in patching and building Asterisk from source and generally getting things done once I have the pointers.

Thanks in advance — and happy new year!

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  • May not be what you are looking for exactly but search Google for “Nerd Vittles BeagleBone”. I am not suggesting you use that exact solution but, reading the article with give you all sorts if ideas about what you could use in your situation.

    The BeagleBone is a small form factor computer like the Raspberry Pi but more powerful for not much more $$. They have a few builds you can out in it with full instructions. For your analog lines you could just use a couple if cheap SIP gateway devices which I think run $50-80/ea. USD.

    In a small environment, this is what I would be using these days and I am itching to build something on the BeagleBone boards.

    Total solution with a few SIP gateway devices should not cost you much at all. The boards are under $50 and a nice little case can be had for under $18 or maybe way less.

    You could likely use your existing device as a pass through for your analog lines if you don’t want to purchase the SIP gateways right away.

    Let me know if you go down this road and what your results are. Good luck.

  • I think that’s a good idea, I turned an AA50 into just a trunk device for a sip box and it worked for a long time

    The other things that are small and work are the atcom ip Pbx series They are pretty cheap in NZ but not as low as the beaglebone suggestion

    Cheers Duncan