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Don, Not in my case. The purpose of the whole exercise is to turn it into a DIY project and hopefully, train a bunch of kids how to tinker with RaspberryPi, Linux and Asterisk. Therefore, my objective is not to
“give a fish”, but to “teach how to fish” and make them able to see the fun in it 🙂

Ish, Hmmm, I have never dealt with customized features.conf in the past, so I will look into that direction.

So far, my approach is to leverage what I already know – and that is to simply transfer the call to a specific extension; which, in turn –
will call System() in order to send a command to the electro-magnet that keeps the door locked.

The downside is that one would have to press #5 (assuming that 5 is that “magic” extension for opening the door), rather than just #.