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Hi all, Can someone suggest a good solution on “agent screen capture” in asterisk call center? open source preferred but cheap offer is welcome too.


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  • ??? What are you trying to do?

    Asterisk is *just* a telephony construction kit. It doesn’t know any more about “call centre agents” than that they are someone or something on the end of a telephone line, and certainly has no interest in what may or may not be on their screens (if they even have screens).

  • Thank you AJ, Just want to know from people who uses asterisk as call center solution, how and what screen capture solution / applications are in use. Regards


    Ah. That is really nothing to do with Asterisk.

    We run our business on a custom in-house app (written by me) which runs in a web browser — and there is only a very minimal set of apps on anyone’s desktop. But this minimal set does include openssh-server; so if we wanted to, we could ssh into any machine and run `ps aux`.

  • As it was written for a very specific application, it’s extremely unlikely that it will suit your environment.

    If you are wanting me to write some application-specific software for your business, then you will need to contact me separately, as this list is strictly for *non*-commercial discussion.