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I have a problem with asterisk. I got ~15 asterisk servers on new hardware (1 or 2 xeon 3ghz) sometimes I got high load between 1 and 10. No disk activity, no ram or swap problem. But asterisk main process is using up to 300-500% cpu. This happens both with 30 channels in use and
100+ channels in use. I’m not doing transcoding or anything. any clue ?

One server with 300 channels load on 5
One server with 600 channels load on 0.02

After 5 minutes it might be ok… some times its ok after 1 hour.

I do no recording, no transcoding just g711a

Two servers does not have sip-registrations as they are gateways to our sip-propvider. The other servers got around 1000-1200 sip registrations.

Running asterisk 11.5.x, 11.6.0 and now trying 11.7.0

All servers HP with CentOS 6.5 (has been 6.3 and 6.4 as well)

Any clue ?


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  • Am 19.12.2013 10:37, schrieb Henrik Andresen:

    What calls cause these problems? SIP or E1/T1-Calls?

  • Maybe this happens if you have a short delay to your dns servers. This could increase the load very fast and after some seconds it might be over again.

    I have installed a dns recurser with own caching on all of my asterisk servers and now everything runs much more smoothly.

    best regards


    Am 19.12.2013 11:56, schrieb Henrik Andresen:

  • Hi Stefan,

    I use own dns-servers on local subnet so I don’t think it’s the problem 🙁

    Also I have hosts in local hosts-files.


  • What about the load, when only 1 or 2 calls are on this machine?

    Am 20.12.2013 09:01, schrieb Henrik Andresen:

  • Do you see no hint in the atserisk console (log)?

    Am 20.12.2013 09:01, schrieb Henrik Andresen:

  • Hi,

    I never see high load with only a few calls – but I’m not monitoring the servers during night where we have few calls.

    But we can get high load at ~30 calls also.