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Hello, I need to setup this configuration:

– asterisk as IVR;
dect phones.

So basically I need a “standard set” of features:

– each dect phone has its extension so I can call it directly;
– handover of a call with “R” key;
– if a call is not replied by someone ring all phones.

I have little budget. I can choose to buy a fritz!box or a gigasect dect/ip base station.

Which one should I buy?

Thanks, Mario

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  • Hello Mario, nice to meet you on this mailing list!
    Gigaset phones are a very high quality/price ratio, so I’ll suggest you to go with the dect ip models. Then you’ll need to configure asterisk to act as IVR, configure a queue and a failover to ring all hunt list.

    Drop me a phone call and I’ll be happy to help you


    2013/12/11 Mario Giammarco

  • Hi,

    I made good experienes with Siemens Gigaset C610 IP. This model is about
    90 Euro. Configuration via web interface. But encryption (SIPS/SRTP) is
    *not* possible with this phones.


    Am 11.12.2013 11:30, schrieb Mario Giammarco: