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I have a call queue that rings about 15 users and they are wanting to set it up so that the last person to answer a call doesn’t ring on the next incoming call.

What would be the best way to handle this? I have been looking at the strategies and none of those seem to be right for this. My current thoughts are probably a macro that places a penalty on the user tell the next call is answered.

Any advice for this would be greatly appreciated.


-Bryan Anderson

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  • Wouldn’t the leastrecent strategy work for that? It wouldn’t absolutely forbid an agent from taking the next call, but it would make sure every other agent had priority. You could also add a large wrap up time, to ensure they never get a second call within a certain time period.

  • yes but I believe that least recent would ring one agent at a time? If my understanding is incorrect please correct it. We are wanting to keep with multiple phones ring to ensure coverage.

    Thanks, Bryan

    -Bryan Anderson

  • From what I’ve seen, I don’t think this is possible. But maybe ask in the #asterisk channel on Freenode IRC.

  • understanding is incorrect please correct it. We are wanting to keep with multiple phones ring to ensure coverage.

    #asterisk channel on Freenode IRC.

    Could ring the least-recent a couple times to provide workload balance, then ring everyone to make sure someone answers.


  • You have agents that log into a queue that don’t want to get calls? Is that what you are saying?

    Options 1 – log the agent out, they don’t get the next call.

    Option 2 – Set up weights for your agents, as answer a new call, increment then up so they don’t get the next.

    Either way, I see issues with the setup. Best ways is to rethink your queue strategy and stop using ring all.

  • Yes, you’re right. It seems your solution (setting a penalty after they get a call) is probably the only one–unless, as has been suggested, you rethink your requirements. You could also remove them from the queue or pause them instead of changing their penalty.

  • ok thanks. The problem isn’t agents not wanting to get calls. Then they just wont answer. Some slower to answer users are complaining the people are “not working” to be able to answer the call quicker.

    @Paul Belanger – Option two is where I am thinking but I am trying to figure out the best way to do so. my current thought is a Macro the queue runs at the answer of a call.

    Currently agents do not log in and out. That is slatted for roll out after a few more hires to that team.


    -Bryan Anderson

  • Most likely the feature can be obtained with the wrap-up time or pausing the agent. I agree on removing ring-all if possible (Though a number of clients want it in smaller set-ups, and I know there is nothing you can do to make them change their mind).

    2013/12/11 Paul Belanger :