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I have a Perl AGI script updating some values to database like recorded file path, unique ID and callerid. When I run the script with test dialplan, its not updating to database.

Whereas database connection is fine, when I run agi debug I see only Tx packets not Rx packets, firewall is also OFF.

Any other specific reason why there is no Rx.

The same script working in one more Asterisk machine.


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  • Sounds like you are violating the AGI protocol. Which Perl AGI library are you using?

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  • Library is Asterisk Perl library and module DBI. The same script working in different machine with same Asterisk version and same Perl version. Am able to see Tx and Rx from script.

  • Thanks… I got it working actually I found with this command /usr/bin/perl
    -d from this I got to know that my library is missing and installed Asterisk-perl module and now its fine.