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“sip show channels” shows some info about active SIP channels, the current codec included. What does it say?



sip show channels reports the Format as being ulaw for 17 active calls. Holds – no

Peer User/ANR Call ID Format Hold
Last Message Expiry Peer xxxxxxxxxx kbrown xxxxxxxx (ulaw) No Rx: ACK 219
xxxxxxxxxxxx mpetulla xxx (ulaw) No
Tx: ACK 240
xxxxxxxxxx xx 0035bf5711b0186 (ulaw) No Rx:
ACK ia.ntelos.




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  • Format = ulaw says that it is not a codec problem.

    You should try to get audio samples of both channels and look at the frequencies (e.g. with Audacity). Maybe a quick check with “sip show channelstats” could also help whether there is a network problem, but “muffled” doesn’t sound like there could be a network problem.