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Hi all, Is there any way of originating calls in future without using call files?

We have 2 servers (1 active at a time). If we use call files with modification date in future, on the 1st server and it dies and, we activate the second server but we lose the call files.

I could have a cronjob on both servers and create callfiles reading execution time from database, but this involves some other complications.

Any crazy ideas would be helpful.


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  • There are several options: AMI and ARI (vs. 12). Depending on what you are trying to do there is also AGI and FastAGI.

  • Hi Rizwan ,

    Have you tried to define astspooldir (usually /var/spool/asterisk) to a shared filesystem? Or to create a symlink for outgoing directory (where the call files have to be placed) to a directory placed on a shared filesystem
    (eg on a NAS)?

    Just brainstorming – not yet tried and maybe completely wrong 🙂

    HTH, Ioan

  • The easiest way to do this would be with AMI and originate your calls in realtime. That way you do not have to worry about which server will handle the call, the one you connect to will.