Loosing Synch Between Party 1 & Party 2 Voice In Monitor Recording

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We have come across a situation where we are loosing synch of party 1 &
party 2 voice in call recording. Here is the scenario Party 1 initiate a call to Party 2 using AMI commands When both calls are connected, we bridge these 2 calls. Then we start recording of this bridged call using AMI Monitor command. Monitor command is invoked on Party 1 only. Then we put party 2 on hold. We redirect party 2 to async AGI with AMI
command. After few seconds, party 2 call is retrieved using AMI command. Party 1
& Party 2 calls are again bridged. When call is terminated, monitor is stopped.

Now in this scenario, party 1 & party 2 voice has lost synch

Call State Connected Party 2 on hold Call retrieved
0 sec 25 sec
35 sec 50 sec Party 1 Recording Recording Recording
Recording stopped Party 2 Recording Not recording Recording
Recording stopped

Now in this case,I get recording of 50 sec. Where asparty 2 voice continue even after 25 sec even though party 2 was kept on hold. And party 2 side recording ends after 40 sec only. This way comminication sync is completely lost.

Has some one come across such situation? Please help me to solve this issue.