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I need to disable/enable a peer after hours automatically, and am thinking about doing so via the AMI.

Is there a command to enable/disable (or perhaps delete/add) a peer via the AMI? I could create code to modify sip.conf and force a reload, but that seems like the wrong approach…

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  • Have you considered adding realtime sip peers? They can peacefully co-exist with a sip.conf file. Then just build in some logic to sip prune when you need to remove the peer…(I forget the actual command at the moment). As far as I can tell, no AMI would be needed…

  • Pruning a realtime peer alone will not help as the device the peer is configured on will just re-register

    For the record the command is

    sip prune realtime

    You could go down the realtime route and remove the DB row containing the peer, or even change the password but you would have to follow any such action with pruning the peer to fluch the realtime cache


  • put it in a different context in your dial plan and use a gotoif statement to control the times it is allowed to dial out. you can also redirect it to a prerecorded message whenever someone tries to use it during the ‘off’
    time. no need for anything as brutal as disabling it in sip.conf.

  • I’m just stating what is already explained above. You could either have dialplan with iftime() or use realtime peers, and have something enable/disable them from sql backend

  • Unfortunately I do not have the ability / permission to alter the dialplan used for this customer. Odd requirement I know…