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Hi list,

I hope this isn’t in error but if it is I apologize.

I have a small project request on hand where the clients want their customers to be able to dial in to conduct business over the phone in a completely automated manner. From my limited understanding this looks a lot like a call center where one has to build some sort of proxy that understands their business logic and that can report stuff back to asterisk which then reports it back to the customer. I have little or no understanding of AGI or related architecture, I just know how to setup asterisk as a call manager. if anyone would be willing to help me out to understand what needs doing i’d be very grateful.

Thanks for listening, and hope to hear from you soon!

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  • Hi and thanks for the response, much appreciated!
    From what I’m being told, its some sort of pension (financial)
    organization, customers are supposed to be able to manage their accounts over the phone. That’s all I know so far.

  • That still leaves a lot unsaid. How far does ‘manage their accounts’
    extend? I can see ‘look up my balance’ or ‘how much money have you lost for me in the last month’ but ‘sell this stock and buy that stock’ seems to be outside the ‘liability’ tolerance of the financial institutions I’ve dealt with.

    I’d advise writing this application as an AGI to keep all the ugly details and database access out of the dialplan.

    Depending on the depth of the application, I could see 1 AGI for authentication and then a separate AGI (‘I do one thing at a time, I do it very well, and then I move on*’) for each function.

    *) Major Charles Winchester, MASH, 1977.