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Hi all

asterisk 1.8.23

I have odbc all setup to mysql but cant figure out why the dialplan wont write to the odbc function



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  • I don’t use func_odbc on a regular basis, but from looking at the sample file and looking at the functions provided within Asterisk. The ODBC_DEVICES function does not exist.

    The three functions available for configuration within func_odbc.conf appear to be ODBC_SQL,ODBC_ANTIGF,ODBC_PRESENCE

    Also the only examples of the string “ODBC_DEVICES” out on the web according to Google show up at the various forums you have asked about it. 🙂

    So.. “can’t write to function” is definitely expected behavior.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks for replying (I only asked on this list)

    Whatever function you add to that file becomes a function and that was a odbc function I added

    Anyhow after a restart of asterisk it started working ok

    It worked like a charm (I had more than 50000 inserts to a database within a few hours)
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  • You can tell I haven’t used func_odbc in ages. 🙂 Glad you figured it out despite me misleading you unwittingly. An Asterisk restart! It is usually the simple things.