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I have some problems with a Queue and state interface.

In the queue we have 7 deskphones and 7 cordless. Every user have one deskphone and one cordless phone.

I have set up every user with hints, eg:

exten => 802,hint,SIP/9144-802&SIP/9144-902
exten => 902,hint,SIP/9144-902&SIP/9144-802

Queue_name Interface state_interface
9144-vmi SIP/9144-802 hint:802@hints
9144-vmi SIP/9144-902 hint:902@hints

802 = is a cordless phone
902 = is a deskphone Both are in use by same user.

To the problem, when we have RingInUse = 0, we only get calls on one of the devices (because the other one gets in RINGING state). If the user is not on phone we want both phones to call, but if the user is in phone the other phone should not call.

Any id